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Golden Thursday Offers!


Option 1:

2 Guided Meditation Transmissions + Audio Training Module with Worksheet

(Discounted over 90% Off!)
Regularly $153.99 - ONLY $14

Transmission #1

(Value $19) Now Only $2.99!

Assists you in:

  • Clearing Unconscious Energy Patterns
  • Re-aligning to a Healthy Mindset of Neutrality and Grace with Money
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Energizing the Inflow of Money

Transmission #2

(Value $19) Now Only $2.99!

Helps you:

  • Clear Old Vows, Decision, Implants and Competing Intentions
  • Forgive, Cancel and Delete Past Actions of All Involved
  • Energize New, Expanded Energy Patterns
  • Harmonize Your Mind/Body/Energy with the Highest Frequencies Possible (just plain ole' feel good)

What some people are saying about Sheldon's Transmissions

"I am crying tears of wonder and joy."

"I'm just blown away... truly blown away! Sooo much loving energy! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

"Well now, that's better than coffee!"

"You are such a powerful healer! I am amazed by your work!"

"Thank you also for the meditation for Christ Consciousness... It was truly an emotional tidal wave
and healed by life profoundly."

How to Uncover Your Purpose and Design Your Dream Life Without Struggling!
Audio Training Module + Worksheet

This training was created by me using many of the same tools and methods that I used to create the life of service and impact I am living today.

These are the same simple exercises that gave me the clarity on what I truly wanted... and felt called to do in the world. In this training, a few things you will be led through are:

  • Uncovering Hidden Strengths and Gifts
  • Clarifying Passions, Inspirations, Enthusiasms and Soul Work
  • Integrate Ideal Lifestyle with Service Consciousness

(Value $67) Now Only $8.02!


Bonus #1: My #1 Bestselling Book

(Value $9.99) FREE

Bonus #2: Group Remote Energy Healing

(Value $39) FREE

Your name will get added to a group remote energy healing session, which I will be conducting personally!

Total Price: (Value $153.99) Now Only $14!!

Option 2: All of the above, plus:

40-min one-on-one Healing & Consulting Session, with me, tailored just for you.

  • Targeted Healing and Resolution of Root Blocks and Dis-ease (Physical, Mental, Emotional)
  • Harmonized Energy Free of Unconscious Limitations/Pain
  • Feel Empowered with a Personalized Action Plan for Strengthening New Energy Patterns Moving Forward

(Value $350.99) Now Only $119! (limited to 1st 10 people)

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