Very Useful For You

Here is a highly illuminating and practical piece of information to help you manifest your heart's desires!

One of my Goal Achievement mentors shared this with me:

A study was conducted at Brigham Young University, to determine what factors were important in achieving goals, and effecting a change in your life. [Read more...]

Can It Be True?

I was talking to “The Secret’s” Dr. Joe Vitale and he was sharing something I found very surprising.

He said, "I've never met or come across anyone in all of my travels and teachings over the last 30-odd years, that doesn’t have some limiting or irrational beliefs around money. I don’t know anyone, colleague or otherwise, who doesn’t have some level of this one root belief: Money is the root of all evil.”

Said in the language of the brain: Money is bad or Money = Bad.

You see, the brain works by associating two things and pairing them together.

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Seven Things to Help You

How you are allowing yourself to THINK?

How you allow yourself to think can lead to depression AND it can lead to fulfillment.

How you allow yourself to think can steal your peace and dreams or it can facilitate them.

Here are 7 Empowering Mindsets for achieving joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life:

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Energy Activation and Transmission

I am committed to act as a conduit for the highest love, good, and biggest positive shift for you.


Only that which serves your highest good will be received by you through this transmission.

I have co-programmed with source mind this Energy Activation to integrate with you for many hours after you read it. Just the act of reading this post and looking at the screen has catalyzed a transmission of energy from the heart of the highest light to your heart, [Read more...]

love you?

Are you feeling blocked?

Is there a GAP between what you want and what you have in life?

Are you feeling dissatisfied in your job?

Feeling like you are on autopilot in your life?

Lost your natural enthusiasm and joy?

Perhaps your current relationship is not fulfilling you

or you are sick of being alone?

Maybe your current business is at a plateau?

I’ve seen all of these before AND been through all of them myself


Inspirational Energy

Are you feeling inspired every morning to “get to it?”

Need to make a change but the days keep going by… and by… and you still haven’t made it?

Has it been a year? Or two years?

And that book isn’t started, your website isn’t up, or you’re still in that job?

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