Can It Be True?

I was talking to “The Secret’s” Dr. Joe Vitale and he was sharing something I found very surprising.

He said, "I've never met or come across anyone in all of my travels and teachings over the last 30-odd years, that doesn’t have some limiting or irrational beliefs around money. I don’t know anyone, colleague or otherwise, who doesn’t have some level of this one root belief: Money is the root of all evil.”

Said in the language of the brain: Money is bad or Money = Bad.

You see, the brain works by associating two things and pairing them together.

Advertisers spend a lot of time and money to understand psychology and you see this all the time in print and television commercials.

Simply put, the mind works by association. It pairs things together and “wires up” a connection and we have the beginning of an energy pattern.

So, when Dr. Joe shared this information with me, I found it very hard to believe. Certainly there are people who have been modeled healthy definitions of money in their upbringing?

I mentioned this to Joe, “Sheldon,” he said, “I have yet to come across someone who hasn’t had some level of this root belief.”

Wow! That blew my mind.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I’m assuming you want money to flow easily to you. You want to be able to attract financial wealth. You want to surrender any resistance to financial prosperity.

I’m assuming this because that’s what I want for myself as well.

I’ll give you an example of how this played out with me to help you in transforming any resistance to money within you:

When I woke up this morning and started the check-in with my thoughts, my feelings, and my body sensations. (This is often my morning ritual before getting out of bed. My intention is to exercise some energetic ecology, clearing any inner resistance, inner conflict, anything in my mind, body, feelings, that doesn’t feel peaceful). I started out connecting to the divine within me, intending to feel the presence of love, within me, as me. After some minutes, I began to see and feel this field of loving energy within my mind’s eye and in my body as the sensation of joy. I consciously appreciated this field of loving and it started expanding as an experience.

I was reminded that this loving field is the fabric of all of life, of all universes. That I am part of this fabric and so is everyone and everything else.

I started acknowledging and appreciating the things that I am grateful for, like being able to walk, talk, see the beauty of nature, for being able to do the work that I do, for all those people whom I get the opportunity to help and mentor, for my home, for my car, for my financial abundance…

And then a light bulb went off, well, it was more like an anchor dropped.

I noticed that I had some resistance inside of me when I said the words “financial abundance.”

The simple way I could tell this was that I no longer felt peacefulness inside when I held the concept of money in my consciousness. There was a little wave of non-peace/conflict that activated.

Because I had just spoken to Joe the day before, it struck me that I was being guided to clear a deeper level of limitation within my consciousness. Thank you, Universe!

I took some time to intentionally observe my thoughts and my energy in relationship to money, all the while intending to receive spirits guidance and assistance. I was guided with this awareness:

If you are in judgment and resistance to the concept of money, then you are judging one of the ways this field of loving manifests itself. To hold any kind of limiting or irrational belief that money is wrong, is to sit in judgment of God.

Money is simply one of the ways that love manifests itself,

one of the ways that love shows its many faces,

one of the hundreds of billions of ways.

Only we as humans, as sovereign beings with the freedom to choose, put filters on this pure loving energy.

I encourage you to practice this morning before getting out of bed. Call it your energy alignment or energy ecology time.

Practice creates habits.

Habits create lives.

You construct your life with your habits!

Here are a few simple steps to kick you off:

  1. Set the intention: “I intend to feel connected to the field of loving. I intend to feel loved and loving.”
  1. Ask for spirits' guidance and assistance.
  1. Appreciate and acknowledge what you are grateful for. (Some mornings it is very natural that you may have to start small, i.e., have difficulty finding gratitude.) Once you find a few things it expands and gets easier.
  1. Observe your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations in the here and now. Notice which thoughts, concepts, things trigger any distance from feeling joyful, grateful, and loving.

Here's to your joy and your prosperous life!