Energy Activation and Transmission

I am committed to act as a conduit for the highest love, good, and biggest positive shift for you.


Only that which serves your highest good will be received by you through this transmission.

I have co-programmed with source mind this Energy Activation to integrate with you for many hours after you read it. Just the act of reading this post and looking at the screen has catalyzed a transmission of energy from the heart of the highest light to your heart, [Read more...]

Language: The doorway to awareness and creating your dreams rather than nightmares…


As I have said before “It makes no difference whether you believe in anything mystical or not (God, a higher power, life after death) none of that matters in regards to having the innate ability to shape your reality…in being a creator.”

According to physicists, “Now that we have established that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially stardust, we have concluded that 93% of the mass in our body is stardust.”

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Inner Demons…the Pathway to Love and Abundance

What exactly is an “Inner Demon”?

I define it at as a belief that we have created, promoted or carried. A self-limiting belief that says “we aren’t enough” or “we’re flawed and unworthy of love.” These beliefs limit us in our ability to remain peaceful in the world because situations trigger them and the emotional responses that follow. Those emotions can feel like rejection, loneliness…PAIN, and it can be very natural to seek to avoid and escape pain. Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, work, exercise are all possible ways to accomplish that. Unfortunately, or fortunately, these are always temporary remedies.

The belief, if not consciously addressed, remains seeded in our subconscious, waiting for the next situation to bring it screaming to the front row, hijacking our lives.

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