Cultivating Self-Love

Self-love isn’t narcissistic. Self-love is actually a way you can truly serve everyone around you.

Self-love is a way to feel whole and complete.

Self-love is a return “home.”

Self-love is a journey to Self. Your true Self. The essence of all you are.

When you can appreciate and love the range of who you are, you can naturally and effortlessly give others the space to do as they choose without judging or controlling.

When you reside in your Loving, you are in complete freedom.

Let’s look to my mentor Source.

What does Source do?

Source energy is utterly masterful at residing in loving while the whole range of its many potentials makes manifest.

Source knows only loving, as we (extensions of Source energy on the planet), run around with free will to create… to “do our thing.”

All the while Source holds loving.

Not a bad place to be. 🙂

In my 6 week spiritual awakening, I was one with that loving inside makes everything else the extra ingredients in your coffee.

Walking around, doing “life” while residing in the loving inside makes everything else the extra ingredients in your coffee.

They’re nice but without the caffeine we would be spending $3-$4 a pop.


So, how do you cultivate Self-Love?

1. Make a habit of telling yourself, “I love you for that.” Especially, the “shadow” aspects (the places that we think are unacceptable, defective, bad, etc… inside ourselves).


2. Love the emotional pains, the physical pains, the mental chatter (the inner critic). Love it all. Loving is the great alchemy agent for transforming what feels fractured into wholeness.

3. Write down the intention: I am learning to love myself with grace and ease. I am residing in the loving.

4. Take 5 minutes daily or 3 times a day to sit privately and talk inwardly to yourself with loving.

5. Declare it publicly. A public declaration of self-love is very powerfully felt inside. You can work it into a conversation when you catch yourself diminishing yourself (it can be amazing how much this happens in a day) and make the shift “you know what, I love myself for that” or “oh well, it’s all learning and I love myself” or just straight to it with “I love myself.” People might seem surprised at first, but they will feed off that contagious statement and energy, and feel inspired.

6. Tune into the Source energy and how that energy and how that energy feels for you, then look at your own internal universe (the self) through the same lens.

How is your relationship with yourself?  If you would like more information, or guidance, feel free to contact me!