Do you trust the universe and your own inner compass?

Tired of sitting on the side lines and ready to get in the game of inspired, fulfilled living?

Do you ever feel as if…

  • Your life is passing you by, and you’re NOT TRULY LIVING your greatest potential?
  • Your days are full of resentment, jealousy, anger, and FRUSTRATION?
  • CLARITY and inspiration don’t exist in your paradigm?
  • Your relationships are always lacking and FULL OF DRAMA?
  • Everyone else seems to “get it” with their life and you’ve somehow been left UNINFORMED?
  • You’re STAGNATE, contracted, and unconnected to the universal life force?

If you’re on this page you’re here for a reason...

Everything you need is within you and sometimes you need help and guidance to access your truth. That’s exactly what Dream School does for you and it’s not like any other PERSONAL GROWTH PROGRAM you’ve encountered! Trust in your intuition and inner knowing that led you right to this moment in your life… to this very opportunity. Know that this time you can have what it takes to access what you TRULY DESIRE!


I remember being at a point in my life where I was indecisive… where I was comfortable with my discomfort. And then someone asked me, “Where will you be a year from now if you continue to play small… if you continue to be complacent and settle for mediocracy?”
That struck me like a bolt of lightning and I realized that I was operating from a place of limited self and I wanted more!

I wanted to live a life that didn’t require reasoning and rational thought to keep me safe. I wanted a life filled with connection, confidence, and commitment to living a life of miracles and abundance. I wanted to inspire and be inspired, to trust and feel energized each and every day.

WHICH IS WHY I CREATED A CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM TO HELP ME DO JUST THAT! One that works, one that educates individuals and helps them transform from the INSIDE OUT!

How would it feel to…

  • Live on PURPOSE and in ALIGNMENT with all areas of life…with all that is?
  • Be reconnected to the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE energy and channel this energy through your body for more abundance?
  • Stop playing the victim, and start EMPOWERING yourself to live your life on your terms?
  • Move forward, create and live your most HEARTFELT DREAMS?
  • EXPERIENCE UNCONDITIONAL self-love and self-acceptance?
  • Strengthen your intuition and inner-knowing and live more AUTHENTICALLY?
  • CLEAR UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS and competing intentions
  • Have more energy, more vitality and experience GREAT HEALTH physically, emotionally, and mentally?

And how would you like to increase the power and speed in your manifestation and creation by quantum leaps?

  • You are READY TO LET GO of limiting beliefs and past programming
  • You are willing to take FULL OWNERSHIP of your life as it is TODAY
  • You are ready to STOP living in your stories and START living in your own self-trust
  • You are ready to EMPOWER YOURSELF and ACKNOWLEDGE your true heart’s desires
  • You are tired of sitting ON THE SIDELINES of life and are open to TRUE MIRACLES and ABUNDANCE…

You will see huge shifts in your paradigm and massive movement on your soul’s true journey with this program!


Making the decision to work with Sheldon in his one-on-one coaching program, “Dream School” was hands-down one of the best moves I have made in my life! My life is changed forever! Words simply cannot express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for Sheldon and his work with me!

There is no price tag that I could put on the value of the deep peacefulness I experience every day, and will be reaping the benefits of for the rest of my life.

I feel like I am on the edge of my seat, excited about life like never before and people can tell. I look different, I sound different, I feel different, all in fantastic ways. I am moving through my life every day in a completely new way that feels so satisfying, peaceful, and energizing all at the same time. I am so excited about the possibilities.

- Kat W.

Before starting this journey I had become so depressed that even one day a month of energy, motivation, physical and mental strength, accomplishment, happiness and laughter was too much to hope for. I absolutely, and unfortunately wholeheartedly, hated what I had become and I was terrified by where I was heading, unless something changed.

I've learned that I, the woman who used to live in her head all the time, can get in touch with her intuition and her deep inner truth. I've experienced wisdom that I didn't think was accessible to me. It's just incredible.

I also almost immediately noticed an effervescent inner joy, peace, and love; perfect contentment and inner calm that I can't remember ever feeling before. I feel so much more lighthearted that I find myself dancing to the radio in the morning while I make breakfast, wash my face, empty the dishwasher, and put on my makeup.

- Dr. Carrie L.

I have been working with Sheldon for only about a month now and the results have been almost immediate! With his help I am awakening the passion for my life and releasing things I found hard to let go of - all the old stories that were keeping me stuck. If you want to shift your life for the better give yourself the gift of working with Sheldon!

- Trish

I was signed on with Tony Robbins Coaching when I first met Sheldon, and after talking to Sheldon I 'knew' I had to work with him.

Two weeks later, and the coaching with Sheldon has been more than I was expecting. Sheldon cares, listens with his heart, and has the best interest on my betterment. He's also sincere, authentic and has the best advice I have ever received. Sheldon is the best coach I have ever met!

- Sonia S

In one session Sheldon made me feel & understand things better than I had after spending thousands with another life coach!

- ME Brown

There are many therapists, coaches, and teachers in the world today. Let me say that I have been fortunate enough to find all of it wrapped up into one genius of a person, Sheldon Pizzinat. I thank my guides for directing me to him!

- Cherune

Sheldon was instrumental in changing my life in a very powerful way. It was like I finally "got it" and was able to change my thoughts, patterns and belief systems! Sheldon is truly an awesome coach and an inspiring human being."

- Carol

I am crying tears of wonder and joy.

- Sue. G

Here's what you get with Sheldon's highly personalized
yearlong mentorship program:

  • 60 min Ideal Life Blueprint call with Sheldon
  • Three one-on-one 50 min audio or video calls per month
  • Unlimited email, and text (during business hours, 9-5pm PST)
  • The ability to send voice recordings on your smart phone or tablet to Sheldon and receive answers for the greatest level of support during business hours
  • Customized assignments, materials, pdfs, and tools for your specific needs


If you sign up by April 16th you'll receive these bonuses (WORTH OVER $3400)

  • FREE TUITION to any of Sheldon's LIVE EVENTS ($1697 Value) INCLUDING: Access to all PAST SOUL SPEAK summit audios with 120+ experts in the fields of metaphysics, money blocks, mindset, manifestation, biz coaching and so much more!
  • Access to Sheldon's FULL DIGITAL LIBRARY ($1777 Value) INCLUDING: All meditations, activations, transmissions and video classes created by Sheldon.

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Sheldon is a Spiritual and Success Coach, Educator and #1 best-selling Author who assists people in transforming their lives to experience the greatest levels of joy, happiness, abundance and fulfillment possible. He is your catalyst for positive change, helping to free yourself from the patterns and blocks keeping you from the life you dream of. After a life-altering Spiritual Awakening that lasted over 6 weeks and forever illuminated Sheldon, he has spent over 24 years training and studying from the masters in Psychology, metaphysics, energy healing, manifestation, personal development and coaching. Sheldon will help you end the cycles of stuckness and live more fully connected to joy, love and bliss while creating the life of your heart’s desires.

Sheldon Pizzinat, MA

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Sheldon is coming from complete authenticity. I immediately could sense his soulful heart and knew his only intention was to bring more Light to the planet to help in any way possible.

Jean Slatter
Author of Hiring the Heavens, Founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach program, Get your Creative Mystic Journal Pages!
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