Energy Activation and Transmission

I am committed to act as a conduit for the highest love, good, and biggest positive shift for you.


Only that which serves your highest good will be received by you through this transmission.

I have co-programmed with source mind this Energy Activation to integrate with you for many hours after you read it. Just the act of reading this post and looking at the screen has catalyzed a transmission of energy from the heart of the highest light to your heart,

to your mind,

to your Soul.

You are now connected to the Spiritual Sun…the light that radiates unconditional love, renewal, restoration, and healing effortlessly. This connection, with your consent, will continue to expand and flow beautifully throughout the day.


You are, here and now, surrounded and filled with pure, loving grace.


Every aspect of your being is receiving pure unconditional love. Golden light energy is filling the cup of your being in the most delicious, nurturing ways!

There has never been and never will be anything wrong about you. Just now that illusion is being lifted and cleared in this moment of time.

You are breathing in, steadily and deeply, while you're reading these words and experiencing every muscle in your body relaxing into surrender.

You are now allowing the greatest level of receiving possible with your willingness let your body and your thoughts.


Every cell of your body is infused with an illumination of pure source energy.


All thought is aligning and harmonizing with the pure mind of Creator energy.


Breathe in,

breathe out,





Every aspect of your being is harmonizing into the awareness of your true Self. You are feeling the majesty of your eternal Self Now! You are feeling so grateful experiencing the clarity of this illumination.

The joy and bliss of your eternal Self is awakening and expanding within you right now.


All energetic pathways and patterns of your mind-body system are aligning in support of Soul awareness now!


Everything that does not support this integration is cleared and lifted!

All debts, vows, and/or decisions that dull your experience of joy, upliftment, and loving are now declared forgiven, canceled, and deleted by you.

Furthermore, you now freely consent to forgive others in any way, shape, or form they keeps you anchored in lower vibrations.

You are receiving the highest levels of light, sound, and energy. These frequencies are divinely directed to serve your awakening now. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to change. There is nothing you need to control in this moment.


You are a perfect, complete, beautiful, majestic eternal being who is experiencing that knowing right now!


So it is,

so it will be,

and so it has always been!