How To BE Free!

So many people ask me, “How can I live a fuller more complete, inspired, life?”

My answer is simple… and based on decades of witnessing others’ journeys, as well as my own.

We first, and continually, seek to EMBODY fullness, inspiration, and wholeness, then we share that with the world.

What does that mean, Sheldon?

It means… we seek to become more aware of our potentials and learn to express the wide range of ourselves in the world.

The problems arise when we picked up “shoulds” or “ought to’s” along the way.

These rules we internalized, and perpetuate, can diminish parts of ourselves that carry gifts for us. These judgments and programs can also often affect our self-esteem and feelings of peace.

Here are a few good examples how:

1. The “good girl” rule.

You grew up learning to be a good girl and that mean to put others’ needs and happiness in front of your own. When you did, you may have gotten reinforcement/praise/attention. You sought to make others happy (which never works in the long run) and because of that flawed strategy, you suffer. Perhaps you’re tired… After all, that pattern of consciousness is one of over-responsibility and can lead to fatigue, as well as emotional and bodily disease.

2. The “do-er”

You grew up and learned to be the accomplisher. You may have learned that you got praise, or sought to get praise/love, by excelling. now this part of you overshadows the “being” aspect inside you. The “being” is where we experience intuition, peacefulness, and a connection to The Divine.

My point in sharing this is:

By learning to accept and embrace ALL of ourselves, we can open to the full range of gifts we have to share. We can feel a deeper sense of “wholeness” and liberation.

Decades ago, I opened up to the sensitive loving side of who I am, and my life changed dramatically.

I connected to my intuitive gifts and experienced a strengthening with my “inner knowing.” I became free of painful judgments of myself and others (I still work on all of this, by the way) and opened to a direct experience of Spirit/Source.

When I learned to let go of the rules and programs I picked up, I was able to embrace a fuller sense of self. I got to, and get to, live a fuller life and… because of that, I get to be free to express authentically.

When we can deal directly in the here and now, we can work through blocks and learn to experience and appreciate our full beingness.

By learning to follow our own ongoing process, and to fully experience, accept, and appreciate our complete selves, we can free ourselves to move past pain (real and perceived), fears, anxiety, etc… on an ongoing basis.

We can then discover who they really are, and allow ourselves to develop in the ways appropriate for us.

You are meant to unfold into the fullness of who you can be! You are called to this work, are you not?

By answering the call, you serve the rest of humanity in their own awakening!