How to Shift Into Joy in 10 Heartbeats!

Okay so I’m not sure if this will only take 10 or less for everyone as heartbeats are pretty personal to one’s health and mindset. According to the Mayo Clinic, anything between 60-100 rested beats per second is around the norm.

Anyways – Here we go:

This morning I went surfing. It was 7am and the swell was up big! 6-8 foot waves arrived during the night.

Being an enthusiast, I know that every other surfing enthusiast in Santa Barbara (90% of the population it sometimes feels) knows this, and were either on their way to, or already out in the water.

One thing to quickly explain about surfing is that there are a limited number of waves coming in at a limited number of “good” spots to surf, AND a limited weather window (time) before the wind comes up around 10am. This means people are eager to get out there and get their fill before nature shuts down our playground.

It seemed this morning everyone was “on it.” This means CROWDS. The bigger the crowds in the water the less likely you’re going to ride waves. Surfers don’t like this.

Due to that perceived scarcity sometimes people can get pretty aggressive. There can be a lot of paddling around each other…jockeying for position, cutting each other off, and sometimes heated exchanges.

Sitting for 45 minutes missing opportunities can lead to frustrated folks. Imagine skiing but having to wait 45 minutes after each lift for “your” particular mountain to come surging in.

…Naturally I would rather have a positive experience.

So how did I shift into Joy and create that?

I simply stated out loud “I intend to reside in Appreciation and Gratitude while I’m in the water.”

6 seconds…approximately 8 heartbeats later…with that simple deliberate statement of creativity I manifested the experience. To be fair, I did need to repeat it a few times over the course of the next 90 minutes lol! And, so what? I’m grateful for that too! I had a fantastic experience even while others near me were yelling in frustration (not exaggerating)!

Use your intention to create your inner AND outer experience often – until you make it a HABITUAL.

At one point a surfer and I exchanged “Good mornings.” After giving me a long stare he commented… “That smile of pure joy on your face says it all.”

I didn’t realize I was smiling…I just felt grateful and appreciative.

PS: I caught a lot of fun waves!

Comment below and let me know your joyful deliberate creations or your blocks in the way of them!

As always I am holding you in feelings of infinite blessings and appreciation,