How To Use Forgiveness To Dissolve The Inner Critic!

I’m encouraging you to go for the gold. Go for your True Self.


Add self-forgiveness into your lifestyle if one of your goals is to feel more freedom! 

Just this morning, one of my patterns got triggered by my mother. Who better, right? Those are always deep and core-felt patterns.

She wanted to control something in our family and I wanted her to let go. We both had our positions and were sticking to them! The longer this went on, the more I felt angry and frustrated.

“Wow, she just doesn’t get it. I’m not connecting at all.” After a while, she cracked the stalemate and said, “I’m afraid that I’ll let your brother down.”

Ahh! An opening.

Her pattern is to try and control the outside world so that she can feel safe, approved of, and loved. I think I know that one! LOL!

Just 30 minutes later, up at one of my favorite meditation/healing spots, I was doing some deeper checking in and started forgiving myself for judging her.

… And

I forgave myself for judging myself as wrong for feeling angry. This made space for new insights and energy to emerge from my belly. I noticed that I felt afraid. I was young again, just a toddler. I saw that on this level, I wanted her to take care of me and, for that, I too would try and take care of her. In other words, if I could control my outer environment, I could get love and attention.

Her pattern mirrored mine.

Patterns migrate down the family line. I’ll bet you can see your family’s obvious ones as well.

Well, guess what? They are there for a reason. You chose them in your Divine contract with Source and your earth family. These very patterns are part of your evolutionary tract… your curriculum.

When you start embracing this paradigm, and working in consciousness with yourself, people and situations that “trigger” you become blessings — they lead you to greater freedom. This is your pathway to higher consciousness and feeling better and better in your own skin!

Self-forgiveness is a key that unlocks doors. Doors of perception. Doors of freedom.