Inner Demons…the Pathway to Love and Abundance

What exactly is an “Inner Demon”?

I define it at as a belief that we have created, promoted or carried. A self-limiting belief that says “we aren’t enough” or “we’re flawed and unworthy of love.” These beliefs limit us in our ability to remain peaceful in the world because situations trigger them and the emotional responses that follow. Those emotions can feel like rejection, loneliness…PAIN, and it can be very natural to seek to avoid and escape pain. Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, work, exercise are all possible ways to accomplish that. Unfortunately, or fortunately, these are always temporary remedies.

The belief, if not consciously addressed, remains seeded in our subconscious, waiting for the next situation to bring it screaming to the front row, hijacking our lives.

Furthermore, while buried deep in our being the thought pattern plays out in our lives because thoughts influence matter. Your innate creative power manifests subconscious and conscious thought equally well. It does not know the difference! In fact, one could argue that core beliefs at the subconscious level are far more powerful because they may be playing out in the background continuously like unwanted elevator music.

Thoughts affect the way matter organizes at the sub atomic level. In my opinion, Quantum Physics has proven this pretty well. Whether you believe in a higher power, an after-life, or that you are a Soul in a human body . . .none of that matters.

You have the ability to manipulate energy/matter with your thoughts. Your “faith” or religion is irrelevant.

With the popularity of law of attraction these days most people have heard that we attract what we believe, and more importantly what we feel. We magnetize like energy to us. What some people may not have experience with, however, is that we as humans are multi layered. We are made up of pockets of belief systems.

Draw a circle and then draw a lot of smaller circles inside it.

That’s your consciousness. Each belief system or “cognitive structure” is composed of thoughts and emotion. They carry energy, have a life force and can often be at odds with other belief systems. An old/childhood belief that I am not enough or need to be perfect could sabotage an adult belief, and the goals that go along with it, that I am capable and can accomplish anything. Many of these aspects of consciousness operate in our subconscious so if we want to feel free, peaceful and be powerful architects of our dreams and happiness, it’s important to become aware of them and let them go.

So how does one let go, heal, dissolve cognitive structures that are no longer serving their current life?

Intention, patience and willingness.

Intention: Commitment- a decision that carries some determination and power.

Patience and Willingness: Time and the allowing of oneself to go for the ride of awareness that can come with self-inventory. Sometimes these belief systems come forward and are experienced in a very tactile way. The painful feelings and self-defeating thoughts may surface into our conscious minds. That can feel scary because consciously we are wrestling with two places in ourselves simultaneously. One is the limiting and painful aspect while the other is a side that knows it isn’t true. Yet they both feel true at the same time and both are true until we let one go.

I recently wrote some intentions down regarding a belief pattern (A thought pattern I had about myself and others) that was holding me back. Sure enough the next morning I was ripe with that very issue. Feelings of fear, unworthiness and rejection (self and others) were all swimming in my present moment. I wanted to both stay with it and push it away. I chose the latter. In doing so I eventually reached a place where I said “It’s okay to let go of my past self” and with that statement …POOF …I felt the armor lift, the limitations break free. I felt vulnerable and reborn. Reborn to a familiar and more natural me, I felt like I had come home and was experiencing a version of myself that felt truer than before… if that makes sense.

What did I leave behind? A story. A story I told myself once and reinforced many times to try and make sense of things. Why? Because making sense of things can be a great way to feel in control, and control can feel like safety to me.

Now I am grateful. Grateful and appreciative for my willingness and courage to face my inner demons and let go of old realities …in service to my truth.

The truth is I am loved, I am loving and I am beautiful.

And so are you!

P.S. What is it costing you to hold onto versions of yourself that keep you safe and comfortable? Contact me today and let me know the answer to the question: “What’s holding you back?”