Inspirational Energy

Are you feeling inspired every morning to “get to it?”

Need to make a change but the days keep going by… and by… and you still haven’t made it?

Has it been a year? Or two years?

And that book isn’t started, your website isn’t up, or you’re still in that job?

Not following the calling of your heart.

You haven’t really committed. I mean truly — no holds barred, screw the pain, the humiliation, the fear? The scariest fear of all, that if I fail, I really AM a failure.

So you don’t try? You don’t truly commit to the dreams inside you?

I used to be like that, I still am, from time to time.

It gets easier — that’s a promise! Like everything else, it becomes familiar with practice. You can make succeeding YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

All it takes is some repetition. The practice of walking in your power — living in your potential and achieving your goals. All in small, consistent steps!

This is what takes the scary and unfamiliar, and turns it into what’s comfortable and natural.

And once you get a taste of your new way of being, you just want more and more… until one day you’re filled to overflowing…

With passion, drive, self-trust, commitment and joy!

Fear goes out the window!


Because fear usually doesn’t exist with what FEELS natural and familiar.

So, how did I do it? How did I push through my mental and emotional blocks… my limitations? Use my talents and gifts in service to others? Live by the ocean in a fantastic home? Become a coach, healer, author, host, and founder of “Dream School!?”

So what was my big tipping point?

I committed.

I was sick of the status quo, and I truly committed!

I realized in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years that I was going to be living the same life!

With the same energy levels, enthusiasm, finances, work and everything!

Then I opened an email that spoke to me and I saw myself in the story and words written inside. This was the Universe answering my commitment.

Here was a mentor calling to me, providing just what I wanted, and all I had to do was get out of my own way and trust that I’d succeed.

I was scared. I had lots of reasons that seemed so rational:

The Money — $5,000!

It would work for someone else, but NOT me!

It might not work at all!

I don’t have enough time!

I’m not ready!

But something deeper inside spoke to me, “I have to do this! I can’t wait any longer!”

Commitment! You can do almost anything when you commit!

Within 18 months, I was making that same $5,000 investment in a month, and MOST importantly, I FELT IT IN MY BONES. I was living my purpose! I felt more self-trust, self-esteem, enthusiasm, wholeness, gratitude, and connection to the Divine!

You can too! If I can (the guy who lost for over a decade of his life, who felt completely disconnected from LOVE, Purpose, and a sense of worth), YOU CAN!