Intentions Sunday and Beyond

Some people have asked for examples of intentions and written deliberate creation.

Here is my Sunday morning practice of written intention:

Intentions Sunday and beyond:

I intend to reside in Spirits loving embrace and guidance. Easily hearing, feeling and knowing the Divine guidance extended to me for the highest good. My writing is flowing gracefully and effortlessly from this space as I am a vehicle for Divine grace and love. I intend to listen patiently to the soft voice of the heart as it leads me into deeper levels of continuous inner harmony and thankfulness. From this place I am extending gratitude and appreciation outward to all those whom I encounter, remembering that by consciously choosing to maintain my highest expression I honor Source and my fellow beings.

I intend to share my feelings of appreciation and gratitude with others as a practice in generosity and selflessness. I am remembering that serving the highest expression within is to serve something greater than myself. I trust the Universe to extend its bounty of abundance in the forms of money, love, connection, peace, joy, beauty, inspiration, and enthusiasm to me and I remain open to receive…residing in an everlasting “YES” to all of God’s goodness and generosity. My life is far exceeding the richness, depth, beauty, meaning, joy, wonder and awe that I imagined. I am filled to overflowing with gratitude.

I am open, honored and grateful to serve God, and the awakening and evolution my fellow souls. We are all in this learning world together, all with the same goal and objective, the same “parent.” Each of us with our unique choices of curriculum to master, deserving infinite dignity and respect of ourselves and each other for that reason. We are truly Souls learning and evolving in a human experience.

I am remembering to embrace all of myself, all parts of who I am as a human being and as worthy and deserving of complete acceptance and love. I know that by practicing this art of unity within I align with the model that God continuously extends. I love all of you Sheldon. Every single part of me is worthy of love. Even the parts I am judging right now as “wrong” and “shameful.” They too are deep rivers of golden potential and beauty. I choose to release any and all shame and judgment right now. I embrace the full tapestry of my humanness. The range of my expression is truly a beautiful thing to be appreciated, no part of it could ever possibly be wrong or bad.

Peaceful man looking at water