Language: The doorway to awareness and creating your dreams rather than nightmares…


As I have said before “It makes no difference whether you believe in anything mystical or not (God, a higher power, life after death) none of that matters in regards to having the innate ability to shape your reality…in being a creator.”

According to physicists, “Now that we have established that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially stardust, we have concluded that 93% of the mass in our body is stardust.”

Furthermore, Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond a doubt that the Universe is made up of a vast sea of energy and when inspected closely enough there is nothing solid, just vibrating “fabric” or threads. To really blow our minds they have shown through many well documented experiments that our thoughts change and alter the structure and form of this fabric.

The Power of Language

Welcome to the world of being a creator!

Like it or not you are not only made of the physical Universe but you also shape it with your thoughts. Yes…the physical universe is SHAPED just by what you’re thinking right now. We’re not talking hocus pocus new age mumbo jumbo. This is Quantum Physics. (Google it and check it out for yourself if your skeptical.)

So what now?

Well, you better become aware of what the hell you’re thinking and learn to use your thoughts and emotions to serve your higher aspirations!

One easy and powerful way to do this is through language skills.

The spoken word is your thought (T) + verbalized (V) x a Witness (W) = Very Powerful (!!!!).

Perhaps expressed as: (T) to the 3rd power.

Here is a short table outlining words to eliminate from your vocabulary and words to replace them with:

Sheldon Pizzinat

Use instead


Intend/ I am experiencing


I (example…”It’s hard…” to “I’m hard…” shows us how our relationship to ourselves is the barrier NOT the outer experience. Ask yourself “what judgment can I let go of in this situation? How can I see the blessing in this? What thought can I choose to feel more at peace with this? Etc.)


I (example…”you know how when you see someone and you feel …” helps us gain clarity of our thoughts and feelings by OWNING them through an “I” statement. It’s much easier to create what you want when you are clear.)

Choose not to


Have to/must 
Choose to


I don’t know  
Choose not to see or become aware of (often due to perceived fear)


I’m mad/sad/upset/frustrated because
I can choose my own response/ I am in charge of how I feel (clearing of past emotional wounds and triggers “buttons” can be needed here…some can be pretty old wounds coupled with habitual responses.)

I am experiencing now (shift to the present)


Just a few examples to play with on your journey. Intend to experience laughter and joy in your growth, after all, you are the boss of your experience.

Leave a comment below, or contact me, and let me know what your challenges and successes are with language and manifesting. I’d love to hear what has worked for you that is not listed. Sharing is a generous act that can assist others. 🙂

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.