Seven Things to Help You

How you are allowing yourself to THINK?

How you allow yourself to think can lead to depression AND it can lead to fulfillment.

How you allow yourself to think can steal your peace and dreams or it can facilitate them.

Here are 7 Empowering Mindsets for achieving joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life:

1. Look for solutions, not for a reason to settle or give up.  

“It won’t work anyway” - a killer belief.

Practice and build the muscle of your consciousness to see three creative solutions to every challenge. You have the key inside to unlock any stuck door. You might need some help pushing it open, but the keys are within.

Human beings learn to give up and settle by doing it over and over. You can learn Success just as you can learn helplessness.

2. Accept yourself as you are. Let go of comparing yourself to others or anything outside.

Remind this tendency of the mind that your intention is “to get better and better every day in every way” and that you are perfect and lovable just as you are. “I am perfect in my imperfection!”

Love yourself the way your dog loves you.

3. Give everyone the dignity of their own process.

All of us have free will and therefore we are all, when it comes right down to it, helpless to truly change anyone else. When you learn to accept that you only have true influence over your own life, and place your focus on improving your consciousness rather than trying to control or change the outside circumstance, you can really expedite your growth and freedom.

4. Cultivate a learning consciousness.

“How can I learn and grow from this experience?”

No matter how painful, upsetting, or challenging the experiences you go through seem, when you ask how you can use them to be more loving with yourself, more liberated, more evolved in your thinking, you will get an answer and start heading in that direction.

5. Affirm that you are always protected, that good things come to you, that life WANTS the best for you and, in fact, LOVES you!

We are beings that self-fulfill through our repetitive thoughts. As you grow your faith in these statements, you create a match with what you experience on the outside. Your thoughts = your experience.

“Life wants me, and everyone else, to be happy and to thrive.”

“Everything is always working out for me!”  “I am so supported and grateful.”

6. Embrace your Divine nature.

“I am a Spiritual being, perfect and whole just as I am, who is using a human experience to learn and grow from.” “Earth is a school for the evolution of consciousness.”

The human process is imperfect for this very reason.

Since learning and mastery are the end goal, things that could be perceived as “mistakes” happen. They aren’t mistakes any more than a child falling while learning to walk is a mistake; it/we are just learning!

7. Let go of things needing to be “perfect” and focus on completion.

Imperfect completion: Make the goal to get it done, get it up, get it out, etc.

At Stanford’s Entrepreneurship program, arguably one of the best, a professor gave each of the students the task of developing a Facebook app. He stressed getting it to market before it was complete. “Get it out imperfect and work on it once it is out there,” he reminded them.

The result was it “almost overnight fired up the careers and fortunes of about two dozen students and teachers here. It also helped to pioneer a new model of entrepreneurship that has upturned the tech establishment.”

Remember to put reminders up on the wall of the attitudes, qualities, and perceptions you want to strengthen. This world is full of distraction.