Here’s What You’ll Get

  • 1

    Soul Speak 1- Living by Divine Guidance!

    Top experts and thought leaders coach you on how to live a life connected to your intuition and divine guidance so that you can move through your life with inspired action in flow, grace and ease.

    In this first season of Soul Speak all the sessions are intended to help you have a better understanding and consistence experience of the guidance that's always available to you.
    Some incredible movers and shakers in the world of intuition, meditation and healing take part in this rich experience. Come connect with the guidance of your soul.

  • 2

    Soul Speak 2 - Soul, Success and Self-love: Deepen in your divine guidance, radiate with self-love and live your dream life!

    36 experts, master healers and thought leaders help you deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, learn to love yourself unconditionally, connect with your purpose and, make the impact and live the life style that you truly deserve in your hearts desire.

    Soul Speak 2 builds upon SOUL SPEAK and brings together an incredible array of gifted healers and visionaries to provide you with tangible strategies to learn how to love yourself...ALL of yourself! As you practice the strategies you will start to hear with greater clarity the purpose of your soul and as you master both be truly start living your dream life!

  • 3

    Soul speak 3 - How to Fully Embody Your Talents and Gifts, and Light up the World!

    ~ A special tribute to Wayne Dyer ~

    Just a few months after his passing, Season 3 of Soul Speak is a tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer. Featuring his two daughters, Serena and Skye, as well as 33 other top teachers and thought leaders soul speak three facilitates you to embody your unique talents and gifts and make the biggest possible impact in the world.

    Isn't it time to get out and do what you were born to do? Isn't it time to align with your true purpose? In this season, you'll be supported in doing just that. You'll find proven tools, strategies, and modalities, as well as a group energy intention contained within this product. Feel uplifted, feel the shift, listen to SOUL SPEAK.

You Don’t Want to Miss These Amazing Thought-Leaders and Transformational Experts! Including…

  • Bob Doyle
  • Dr. John Demartini
  • Arielle Ford
  • Lynn Andrews
  • Hans Christian King
  • Serena Dyer
  • Skye dyer
  • Mira kelley
  • Marilyn Jenett
  • Sarah McLean
  • Dr. Margaret Paul
  • Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • Dr. Alex loyd
  • Cynthia Kersey
  • Cynthia James
  • Yogi Amrit Desai
  • RaQuel Spencer
  • John Burgos
  • Lori Spagna
  • Davidji

These Summits Are Normally Worth…

Soul Speak Season 1 - $199
Soul Speak Season 2 - $299
Soul Speak Season 3 - $299

Totaling: $797

Reduced for only this summits listeners to $47!


Producer and Host of Soul Speak

Sheldon is a Spiritual and Success Coach, #1 best-selling author, Healer and Speaker who assists people in freeing themselves from the patterns and blocks that are keeping them from the life they dream of.

Whether it’s cultivating self-love and acceptance, healing and releasing blocks, becoming more authentic and empowered, or living the next layer of Dreams in your life, Sheldon possess the experience and track record to lead you there.

With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the prestigious Center for the study and practice of Spiritual Psychology and over 2 decades of experience and training in metaphysics, energy healing, manifestation, and coaching. Sheldon will help you end the cycles of being stuck, and live more fully connected to joy, self-confidence, self-love and purpose.