The SOURCE Experience

The SOURCE Experience is an easy to implement, powerful six step process that shifts you into the energy of your Source.

What does Source mean to me?

For me it means my True Self. The place inside that radiates a continuous flow of peace, joy and contentment. Here is where I know I am whole and complete unto myself. I experience inner cooperation and harmony, free of competing intentions. Form this space I manifest powerfully and rapidly.

The SOURCE Experience is a step by step practice you can follow whenever you’re feeling out of balance emotionally, mentally or physically.

S – Set your intentions

O – Open to what is present

U – Unravel the energy

R – Reclaim your True Self

C – Confirm your True Self

E – Engage in commitment

1. Set your intentions – I intend to know my Soul. I intend to receive Spirits guidance. I intend reside in love. I intend to feel connected to Source. These are all examples of intentions I use and suggest. You can say them all, just one, use of your own or a combination. What is important is that you start with a firm and clear intent, stated in the present tense.

2. Open to what is present – Consciously connect with your body in the here and now. What is present? How do you feel in your body? What feeing is it? Where in your body is it located? What is your body language telling you right now? Observe your inner world right now.

3. Unravel the energy -In this step take being present and open further by intentionally going deeper into it.

Some ways of doing this are:

  • Intentionally breathing and relaxing into all the feelings present. Allow yourself to fully experience, with each breath, any resistance, numbness, fear, anger, hurt, pain…etc.

Remember that energy and feelings are synonymous.

Resistance, should you encounter it, is there to protect you from perceived pain, and as you become more masterful through practice, you may notice that it isn’t so bad to fully experience pain, hurt or fear. The mind can make it seem much more than it is by attaching meaning to it.

Another tool to deepen is:

  • “Give your energy a voice.” Allow it space to further express and reveal itself through dialogue. Allow what you’re feeling in this present moment to tell its story. For example, if you feel anxious in step 2 intentionally give your anxiousness a voice: “I am the anxiousness and I …,” or “I am the tension and I…” Experiment with pulling up an empty chair opposite you and putting the energy in it. Meaning… when you are ready to deepen, and/or give it a voice, get up and sit in the empty chair. The moment you sit down you embody the feeling. That empty chair is reserved for only that part of yourself. While you sit in it your rational mind, intellect, higher self, or any other part is left back at in the chair you came from. The goal is to step more fully into the feeling, to experience this present moment discomfort fully and through “voice work “gain greater awareness. In this process of revealing and awareness freedom can be the natural byproduct. Said another way, bringing your unconscious to your conscious awareness can often be enough for you to make new decisions in what you choose to hold onto or create for yourself. Notice the thoughts and decisions you have attached to your feelings through this process. Do they still serve you? Are they rational given your life circumstances today? Our minds can often attach meaning to events that do not serve us in the long run. You might encounter some very old programming in this step. Just let it come forward. This is your time of allowing all that is to move into the light of awareness.

4. Reclaim your True Self – In this step it’s all about self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness. These are the great neutralizers. Not only do they alchemize, absorb and transform energies they promote health, healing and expansion.

The Universe most supports the parts of itself that are intentionally growing.

Said another way, as you do this work you will receive an abundance of Divine support and guidance. Watch for it, listen and honor it, as best you can.

Intentionally supply your conscious love, and the Divine love, to all the parts inside that may be vulnerable now. Flood them with your love and support. Talk to them, soothe them. What is your inner guidance and wisdom telling you now? “Forgive yourself for judging yourself as…” Repeat that like a mantra as needed.

*you may want to go back to step 3 if and when something uncomfortable is present.

5. Confirm – What’s true now? After thorough inner exploration and experience through steps 3 and 4, you may notice that you feel much more peaceful and at ease. Perhaps you are feeling a greater sense of wholeness and connection to more of you inside, your higher Self and your humanness. So what is your experience now? What are the truths that you have uncovered? Explore and experience them now. Acknowledge your new reality and share anything in your journal or out loud to yourself in service to that awareness. Perhaps you a new affirmation becomes present for you or a quality you would like to embrace more.

6. Engage – When you’re ready; ask yourself what, if any, small steps you would like to commit to? You do not need to make any commitments. In fact, it is better to not make a commitment rather than making one and not living up to it. Taking action however is powerful and from the place of spacious clarity committing to a small action can yield powerful results. You may have noticed in these steps that you wanted more of something or you needed to let something go. Here is where you can make a commitment to taking the first small action step and make it happen.

“A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.”
Carlos Castaneda