Kim B.

I can’t say enough about the difference working with Sheldon has made in my life. My entire inner landscape is transforming as a result from one of self-rejection, self-protection and negativity, to a new landscape of self-love and self-acceptance as well as a more positive outlook on life and what is possible for me.

The way Sheldon makes himself accessible and available is extraordinary. Sheldon is a highly skillful coach, mentor, facilitator, teacher/educator and healer all rolled into one person.

The masterful assistance, support and guidance Sheldon consistently provides has been invaluable to me in my healing process. Sheldon was able to customize the work to attune to exactly where I was and accompanied me every step of the way, helping me to feel emotionally safe, know that I’m not alone, and stay the course.

Sheldon maintains a deeply abiding and impressive connection with Spirit, which allowed him to be an effective instrument in the hands of Spirit, setting me free from decades old childhood issues. The qualities that Sheldon embodies that most stand out for me are his near endless patience, wisdom, presence, compassion, authenticity, positive energy, encouragement and his ability to hold space for me in times of distress and intense emotional pain.

Sheldon is the real deal. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone whose soul is calling them to a deeper experience of themselves and life.