Making the decision to work with Sheldon in his one-on-one coaching program, "Dream School" was hands-down one of the best moves I have made in my life!

My expectations have been so far exceeded!

I am moving through my life every day in a completely new way that feels so satisfying, peaceful, and energizing all at the same time. I am so excited about the possibilities!

There is no price tag that I could put on the value of the deep peacefulness I experience every day, and will be reaping the benefits of for the rest of my life.

My new appreciation for the littlest things to the biggest transformations feels limitless. It is crystal clear to me that it would be impossible to go back to my previous way of living... I can't un-know all I have learned and become with Sheldon. Besides, this is way too good to give up!

I signed up with Sheldon, jumped in wholeheartedly, quit my full-time job 6 weeks later, and I won't ever look back.

I feel like I am on the edge of my seat, excited about life like never before and people can tell. I look different, I sound different, all in fantastic ways.

Unimaginable changes.

For the first time in my life, I can say that I understand what a "relationship with yourself" and "self-love" are and how they feel. I've heard it before, "Love yourself," yet I never knew anyone who could tell me how. Sheldon is a master of describing it in so many different ways and he guided me right to it. I took the step right through the door of the most profound spiritual experience and changed the trajectory of my life forever.

Also, the experience of being able to feel that I will be able to control my emotions and behaviors in any situation is so empowering, calming and confidence building. I have the ability to set myself up for being who I want to be in the world. I feel I have a choice rather than feeling like I am being taken along for a ride, to suffer the consequences of the whims of the outside world. I feel I can handle myself in situations with grace, calmness and control. It is such a relief to not feel nervous that I won't be able to "handle things." I have been taught so many tools by Sheldon to accomplish what I describe which gives me confidence, peace and a new kind of energy. Words roll off my tongue with such ease, words that used to feel stuck and disjointed.

In my opinion, these experiences are a result of who Sheldon is at this core and his commitment to my experience. He is so genuinely kind, loving, compassionate and supportive, which has made me feel safe and secure while I am discovering, uncovering and unwrapping my authentic self.

His sincerity and expert coaching skills are what I feel make Sheldon so successful as a coach, teacher and guide. I now find myself in joy, peace and vitality a majority of the time. When I am not, I have so many tools and practices to bring me back to where I want to be.

If I am struggling and need guidance, Sheldon is available, and of course, I am in a constant state of learning and growing because of our regularly scheduled calls.

My life is changed forever!

Words simply cannot express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for Sheldon and his work with me!

I can't say enough about the difference working with Sheldon has made in my life. My entire inner landscape is transforming as a result from one of self-rejection, self-protection and negativity, to a new landscape of self-love and self-acceptance as well as a more positive outlook on life and what is possible for me.

The way Sheldon makes himself accessible and available is extraordinary. Sheldon is a highly skillful coach, mentor, facilitator, teacher/educator and healer all rolled into one person.

The masterful assistance, support and guidance Sheldon consistently provides has been invaluable to me in my healing process. Sheldon was able to customize the work to attune to exactly where I was and accompanied me every step of the way, helping me to feel emotionally safe, know that I'm not alone, and stay the course.

Sheldon maintains a deeply abiding and impressive connection with Spirit, which allowed him to be an effective instrument in the hands of Spirit, setting me free from decades old childhood issues. The qualities that Sheldon embodies that most stand out for me are his near endless patience, wisdom, presence, compassion, authenticity, positive energy, encouragement and his ability to hold space for me in times of distress and intense emotional pain.

Sheldon is the real deal. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone whose soul is calling them to a deeper experience of themselves and life. ~ Kim B.

I was signed on with Tony Robbins Coaching when I first met Sheldon, and after talking to Sheldon I 'knew' I had to work with him. Two weeks later I started, and the coaching by Sheldon has been more than I was expecting. 

Sheldon starts each session with a beautiful prayer, setting the intention for our session and always including honor and gratitude to The Source and God. I feel and I know that Sheldon is always listening, since he always checks with me to understand what I just said. I'm shocked by the amazing perception he has on things being said. His ability to intake the true meaning of my feelings, actions and thoughts is amazing. I have been able to deeply understand my limiting beliefs and projections.

And he doesn't stop there; he immediately gives me the perfect exercise or practice to deal with my issues, which we do while in session. The session doesn't end until I feel complete and refreshed. I love the moment when he is holding space for me, and also the home assignments he suggests, that include setting my short and long term intentions. All my work with him has shown to be fruitful since I can now see clearly, and I'm attracting what I am intending to attract, like magic!

Sheldon cares, listens with his heart, and has the best interest on my betterment. He's also sincere, authentic and has the best advice I have ever received. Sheldon is the best coach I have ever met! ~ Sonia S.

In one session, Sheldon made me feel & understand things better than I had after spending thousands with another life coach! His words were calming, clear and brought me to a greater understanding of what it means to be real with yourself, to find your source from within, and I felt a whole new level of vibration that I had never reached before! Thank You Sheldon! ~ ME Brown"


Before starting this journey I had become so depressed that even one day a month of energy, motivation, physical and mental strength, accomplishment, happiness and laughter was too much to hope for. I absolutely, and unfortunately wholeheartedly, hated what I had become and I was terrified by where I was heading, unless something changed.

As a natural healthcare provider I know what I was "supposed" to do to "fix" myself. The problem was that the things that were supposed to help didn't work for me. Nothing I tried was helping. I was slipping further and further into a living nightmare with no hope in sight.

In less than a week I found myself literally feeling drawn to the floor in a surrendering catharsis of grief. But then the next day, I found myself marinating in a delicious inner calm, harmony and peace. Nothing has been the same.

Almost right away my nearly insatiable appetite for distraction was quelled. I soon drank a lot less alcohol, and when I do drink now, my current consumption averages about 1/3 - 2/3 of what it was less than a month ago, and there are many days that I choose not to drink at all. That almost never happened before. There's less TV. No movies. Less eating and snacking. And it's not me doing it. I just don't find that I'm as interested in doing these things anymore. The painful energy that had me so terrorized is just gone. When it does return, it's a shadow of its former self.

I also almost immediately noticed an effervescent inner joy, peace, and love; perfect contentment and inner calm that I can't remember ever feeling before - the Sheldon Love Buzz. I feel so much more lighthearted that I find myself dancing to the radio in the morning while I make breakfast, wash my face, empty the dishwasher, and put on my makeup (which is really hard to do, by the way - especially the mascara part) and etc. throughout my day.

Oh, and almost immediately, I noticed my sense of humor coming back. I really, really missed that over the years. My closest friend compliments me on how much I've changed. She sees that I'm much more vibrant.

I get along better with my cat now. Trust me, she's a really, really noisy and annoying cat. Just ask anyone who's ever met her. But again, through no direct effort of my own, she doesn't "get to me" or trigger me as much or as often as she used to. Though if anyone or anything can make me "snap", unfortunately it's her.

All of a sudden I'm being noticed more by men. I'm being asked out on dates now... that hasn't happened in year. And while I'm flattered, I am happily single. I find the increased attention is interesting and not so coincidental with all the up-leveling I've been doing.

And somewhere along the line in this very new process, I stopped dreading going to the office. For years now, it's been an inner battle just to go to the office, most especially if I'm just going to do paperwork and not see patients. I love what I do for a living and I always have, so the resistance was so illogical, and coinciding with the depression, it was also devastating to my finances. It feels so amazing to be getting ready to go to work and dancing versus being overcome with dread. I no longer have to give myself a pep talk just to leave the house in the morning. (Now if I can get over my fear and dread of the US mail, I'll really be ecstatic). That alone is a HUGE win for me. Thank you Sheldon! Truly, this is such a relief!

I often talk to God on my drive to work and again on my drive home. So far I don't think I've given God a chance to answer, but I'll get there. I just like feeling like God is right there with me.

I'm much calmer and more at peace in my day-to-day life.

I do feel connected to a Divine energy, to Source, every day... not necessarily all day every day, but again, I'll get there.

I now know that gentleness, love, acceptance, non-judgement, compassion, forgiveness, space and openness are truly, wholly, and infinitely more powerful and healing (and far, far kinder) than self-will, raw determination (which I had run out of anyway), ego, self-judgement and fear. And more than just knowing this in my head, I'm more and more able to practice it in my heart.

I've learned that I, the woman who used to live in her head all the time, can get in touch with her intuition and her deep inner truth (which, by the way, does not reside in my logical mind). I can now access, touch and heal painful deeply buried emotions and ill-founded beliefs and somehow also in that same moment magically know and experience the Truth. I've experienced wisdom that I didn't think was accessible to me. It's just incredible.

I have also experienced love and bliss as I've never before experienced. I've actually felt "blissed out", and no, I'm not on drugs and I wasn't drinking.

I have learned the key to unfolding and healing my life doesn't come from analyzing or judging my life. It doesn't come from seeing parts of myself as the enemy.

I feel like the clock and calendar have turned back for me. I feel younger and stronger all the time. I know in little time, I'll not only feel like the best version of myself that I've ever known. I know eventually I'll be a version of myself that is far greater and more expansive than anything I have ever know.

I see that I can learn how to find and retain lasting peace and inner joy. I see that it won't come from my outer world, but from the Infinite Source within me and all around me.

I have hope for the first time since my divorce. I see a version of myself that didn't exist a month ago.

I'm much more authentic. I can feel authentically happy, joyful, playful, sad, angry, fearful, etc. I can often feel love, hope and acceptance in the midst of any unhappy feeling that shows up. I can have a feeling and allow space for the feeling without trying to analyze it or figure it out... most of the time anyway. And now at least I experience more than one state (exhausted) and two emotions (fear and anger); I embrace a full spectrum of emotions that got lost in just trying to survive painful relationships and suffocating financial problems. Not that I always like the feelings that show up, but my feelings now seem to have a limited shelf-life rather than an infinite one. ~ Dr. Carrie L.

I have been working with Sheldon for only about a month now, and the results have been almost immediate!

My first outer validation that something big within me had shifted was after a yoga class. I found a bunch of beautiful yellow roses on my car. My first thought was someone has put these roses on the wrong car!! Then I came back to center and said thank you to the Universe and whomever gave them to me, knowing that I deserved to receive. I could receive without giving something back. Then the next day I stopped at kiosk to buy 2 small packets of mints and the lady behind the counter said, 'you buy 2 and I would like to give you 3 more packets as a present!' I clearly saw that, as I gave me to me, I was open to receiving from others. What a great revelation - I hadn't done anything and was being gifted. The thing that has changed is my self-worth!

I have started to awaken my dreams again - the ones that I thought I could never bring forth into reality. These, as am I, are a work in progress, but I Am loving having a relationship with myself, knowing that I am worthy of living the life I desire.

I highly recommend Sheldon for anyone wishing to take their lives to a new higher level - with his help I am awakening the passion for my life and releasing things I found hard to let go of - all the old stories that were keeping me stuck.

If you want to shift your life for the better, give yourself the gift of working with Sheldon! ~ Trish

There are many therapists, coaches, and teachers in the world today. Let me say that I have been fortunate enough to find all wrapped up into one genius of a person, Sheldon Pizzinat. He has been able to literally re-connect those parts of myself that had shredded away during my childhood. He is a gifted listener, teacher, coach and counselor, who works with compassion, understanding, and a deep love of spirt. I think my guides for directing me to him. ~ Cherune

I worked with Sheldon to gather courage, abundance, and because I wanted to know more about his experience in the oneness of things. What I got was a course on how to truly focus your mind, and how to eliminate self-doubt by infusing yourself with love. On the physical level, I overcame the group consciousness of age discrimination and got a job in a national company, even though I am 67 and have had only volunteer work for the last five years. This was within 9 days of my 1st session with Sheldon! ~ Mas P.

My time with Sheldon has been invaluable. I was feeling so stuck around a huge work project - and if I didn't start moving forward soon I was going to end up terribly behind. The pressure was on! After one session he had moved me past my block, I found the clarity I needed on my work project, and I also had some incredible A-ha moments around how to more fully and deeply love myself. Thank you so much Sheldon! ~ Tina C., Holistic Wellness Mentor, Intuitive Healer


After working with Sheldon for just one month, my world was changing for the better every day... What he has shared with me and taught me are key to why it is happening... I know that!

My Avon business is soaring! I added 3 new girls to my team and have over 80 customers!!! My sales this last campaign when from $200-$300 to $1250!!!!! I achieved enough to increase my commission from 40% to 47%!!!! And I can feel it... it's still going to grow!

My husband has left the job we were both at and has gone back to selling computers from home, and is being quite successful.

Money is coming in daily from the most unexpected places. I work with changing my belief systems everyday... meditating, positive self-talk, awareness of the moment and what I want to create

It is awesome!!

Lots of love to you Sheldon! ~ Daniela T.

After recently working with Sheldon, I can honestly say I feel like a brand new person. My health issues began over 40yrs ago in early childhood due to a tumultuous upbringing, although I was never able to make the connection. I had developed a lot of negative thought patterns as a result, that continue well thru my adulthood. At the age of 40, I was extremely successful (on paper); 6-figure career of over 20 years. Yet with all the good in my life, my health was a mess. Digestive, hormonal, sleep, etc., and doctors were of no help.

In desperation, I took a year off from my career last summer, went vegan/gluten free, exercised religiously, got plenty of sunshine, only to feel frustrated that all of my efforts weren't yielding positive results. I believe the breakthrough came only after Sheldon sowed me how my negative thought patterns were at the root cause of all these seemingly unrelated issues. He gave me some tools to get started on shifting those patterns and I am amazed how much better things have gotten in just one month! My health has improved significantly, I am able to better emote, and I just feel like things are becoming more effortless for me; my confidence is way up, as a result of all of this, I am finally excited about my life, again, and am sincerely thankful to Sheldon. ~ D. Goff