The Wonderful Power of Appreciation!

Take a few moments right now to appreciate a quality or feeling within yourself.

Say it out loud. “I so much appreciate __________.”

Repeat it 4-5 times as if you were in a conversation with the Universe.

Share your appreciation with the Universe, Source, God, your unseen guides, teachers, spiritual support team.

Notice anything in your body as you keep repeating it? Does the quality or feeling start expanding in your body?

Keep repeating, out loud ideally, and sharing what it is you are appreciative for. Play with the wording.

How do you feel now?

“I appreciate my connection to God” was one of mine this morning. “I appreciate the beauty of these wonderful trees” was another. (I was taking a short in the dawn hours)

This practice expands whatever it is we are acknowledging. So when you start with a feeling you can then experience how this principle works because you get instant feedback via feeling that quality growing and expanding in your being. The nervous system is our wonderful instantaneous compass!

Now the fun thing is, not only is that true for qualities and feelings states, but also for tangible items like money, that new car, the relationship you want.

Appreciation attracts more of the same – it opens the pipeline wider!

If you want more wealth and abundance, appreciate the feelings of areas of wealth and abundance in your life right now. Then go on to appreciate money in general, that car you want, the new shoes, the career you would like. Whatever it is you would like to bring in practice a few moments appreciating it right now!

Your Source wants you to have these things but cannot “give” them to you because you are the Source. You’re the Source of your experience. You are here learning to be the God that you are. It is your job to practice “owning” it.

Intend today that you will remember and practice appreciation.

Really… do it now! Just take a few minutes appreciating the feeling of connection to Source, Soul, God (whatever words capture you). I want to know how that feels in your body!

You can comment below. Inspire!