Why Fear is a Great Friend

Fear is a wonderful friend to me.

Just this morning we embraced and shared appreciation for one another.

The inner dialogue went something like this –

Fear – “I am terrified of letting go! I don’t know what is going to happen next!”

“I’m here with you. Take my hand and we will walk through this together.”

Fear – “I’m so scared of letting go.”

“It’s okay, I love you, I’m here with you, and we will do this TOGETHER.”

Then the most wonderful thing happened – I felt okay with not knowing.

In Fact, I felt deeply connected WHILE not knowing.

I felt an inner-bonding take place. In my mind’s eye I saw a glue-like seal chest to chest, Heart to Heart, between Fear and me. Separation dissolved and a renewed awareness that we were one…partners…friends…lovers…emerged.

And then things shifted further…

An image of deeper leadership arose – Of risk, and stepping out further “onto the public stage”, OPEN and VULNERABLE – manifesting more of my potential!

How can you dissolve fear and connect deeply to your potential and purpose?

When FEAR comes into your experience…visualize extending a loving hand to it. Tell it you’re “here with it and you are walking through this together. That it’s OKAY to let go.”

Give it space to share – all the while reassuring that you are hand in hand with it on the journey…wherever that takes the two of you.

Continue with is until you feel a sense of completion, of union.

In doing so, just as I experienced, deeper potentials can arise and feel welcomed. Imagined realities can feel more “doable.” Your outer experience can shift in tandem with the inner transformation.

Often limitations dissolve when you just give yourself permission to feel.

Fully entering your fear is a wonderful doorway for experiencing connection, disarming layers and leading a fuller, richer life.

Fear is my friend. I love him.